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SBK = "STEM Belgian Knife" project


STEM Belgian Knife project (SBK) is designed to create an affordable and easy to used solution for STEM application at school.

SBK project is plug and play and expandable by design!

SBK project is data centric showing physical values and their corresponding unit.

SBK project is based on a smart data logger, namely SBK-DataLogger.
It sample data at selected rate and made them available on:
- a computer,
- a SD Card (CSV format)
- the data bus.

SBK-DataLogger auto detects the sensors and their available data.
Just connect one or several the sensor(s) board(s) to SBK-DataLogger,
wait for it to be detected and read the collected data + units on the display.
No configuration required!

SBK project is a versatile allowing to connect expansion modules on the communication bus.

SBK is STEM activities oriented making it possible to react to its environment.
Thank to the SBK-IFTTT module, the collected data can be compared
against rudimentary expression to trigger an action on actuator boards.


Want to speak about this project? Please go to the SBK Forums (French Speaking).




Aside the project features descibes in the following sub-sections...

The SBK Project will be designed with the following objectives in mind:
  • Affordable
  • Expandable
  • Sturdy (avoids weakness design)
  • Repairable



TRAVAUX EN COURS. How does the DataLogger works

Sensor list


What are the sensors supported by the DataLogger?

Data Bus


TRAVAUX EN COURS. About the Data bus

IFTTT module


TRAVAUX EN COURS. Triggering action from data

Actuator list


TRAVAUX EN COURS. What are the actuator supported by the IFTTT modules?



Sampling time


TRAVAUX EN COURS. Choose the right sampling time for your application

CSV file


Useful details about the recorded data file

Use spreadsheet


How to load the recorded CSV into the spreadsheet software

Unexpected data


What is that unexpected data in the middle of my chart?


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