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The entire project must fit into a can! The size and dimensions are available in CanSat settlement.

This page contains various resources offered by contest participants.

3D CanSat

One of participant of the previous CanSat 2018 edition did share some 3D models.

Thank to Docopol from Institut Saint Michel for this contribution.


This is a standard CanSat accredit on required dimension.

  • Diameter: 66mm.
  • Height: 115mm.

The hook firmness is good for the parachute.

This can have 3mm wall thickness which offer a good balance between we firmness, available space and weight.



This modeling is an upgrade of the previous one. It includes small edge to insert circular 59mm PCBs.

This model did fly at Elsenborn.



Composed of right and left part, this allows to use a vertical PCB.

The PCB size is 108mm height and 58mm weight.

An additional chamber can be used as ballast. Adding some load may be useful in some circumstance.

This model have been used for CanSat Europe (Açores).

ENG-CANSAT-3D-12.png ENG-CANSAT-3D-13.png

Download Models

All the CanSat 3D models (stl format) can be downloaded from this sub-folder of the GitHub.

Written by Meurisse D. from MC Hobby - License: CC-SA-BY.