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The entire project must fit into a can! The size and dimensions are available in CanSat settlement.

This page contains various ressources from MCHobby and contest participants. Such ressources can help you in finding your ways in building your own setup.

Prototype 1

Here the first prototype build around the Pico-Cansat-Kit.


This raw prototype shows how to build Aluminium stand-off from 5mm aluminium section.

Thanks to a Hobby Lathe (Proxxon) and few trick it is possible to build a very strong can.


Some very common material can be used to create a 0.10mm surrounding wall for the can ;-)



More details on this complete blog post (french)

Prototype 2

This second prototype try to creates a multi-level cansat around the Pico-Cansat-Kit.


This example is based on a more advanced spacer set. It also explore:

  • Openning in the can (eg: for camera).
  • Protecting the Lipo (at center of the can).
  • Electronic on the top of the can.
Surprisingly the PCB material is quite harder to work than aluminium!


More details on this complete blog post (french)

3D CanSat

Written by Meurisse D. for MCHobby

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